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5 ways to fix iPad won’t charge

The iPad won’t charge error usually indicates that the problem may be an internal or external issue. The problem could also stem from an inherent hardware or software problem with the iPad device. A step-wise diagnostic approach will help the troubled iPad owner to restore their device to 100% functionality if carried out in a proper fashion. It is therefore important that when carrying out the diagnosis, an elimination process is employed in order to zero in on the fault at hand before resorting to the last option of contacting a reputable Apple dealer.

How to Fix iPAD Won’t Charge Error

There are a number of steps somebody looking to troubleshoot why its iPad won’t charge; and they are all detailed below. Just like any iPhone problems, iPad related errors must be dealt with a lot of patience.


This is usually one of the simplest steps that iPad owners can employ when trying to fix issues associated with their device not charging.

The hard reset option entails first pressing and holding down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously, both buttons should be held down until the iconic Apple logo appears on the iPad screen. On seeing this logo, the buttons should be released. At this point, the device should be plugged into a charging outlet. If the device charges, then the issue is resolved and if not, the next step should be considered.


It is common to suspect that the iPad device may be the source of the problem when confronted with an iPad error denoting a device that is not charging. This is not always so as the problem may be the charging port or the wall outlet.

It may be necessary to change the charging port or the wall outlet in order to rule out a faulty charging outlet. In case of changing and the iPad begins to charge, then the charging outlet is the culprit. In case the iPad does not charge, it may be necessary to consider the following step.


Usually the head of the charging cable is subject to a lot of wear and tear and may get bent, twisted or even frayed in extreme wear and tear cases. In this case, it may be prudent to switch charging cables. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to go a notch higher and explore more complicated options.


The iPad should be connected to a Macintosh or Windows PC with iTunes software via a 30 pin Dock or Lightning connector. The “Device” tab should then be clicked after which the “Backup” tab is clicked and the backup process allowed to run. After this, the “Restore” tab should be clicked and restoration allowed to take place.

If the iPad still does not charge, there is a final option available.


In the event that all the above alternatives fail to get the iPad device to charge, a reputable Apple dealer should be identified in order to remedy the problem.

In conclusion, a stepwise approach should be employed in order to remedy the “ipad won’t charge” error that may arise with an Apple tablet. A reckless approach will result in more damage and consequently higher repair costs incurred in restoring the device to normal operation, therefore utmost care should be taken.

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